June 20, 2024

Tscherne Classification is the classification system used to classify the soft tissue and bony injury following fractures.

Soft tissue injury in closed fractures

Grade 0Injury from indirect forces with negligible soft tissue injury
Grade 1Superficial abrasion and contusion of soft tissue overlying fractures
Grade 2Significant muscle contusion, with possible deep, contaminated skin abrasion associated with moderate to severe energy mechanism and skeletal injury
Grade 3Extensive crushing of soft tissue with subcutaneous degloving or avulsion, and arterial disruption or established compartment syndrome
Tscherne classification of soft tissue injury in closed fractures
Tscherne classification of soft tissue injury in closed fractures

In Open fractures

Grade 1Small puncture wound without contusion
Grade 2Small lacerated, skin and soft tissue contusion
Grade 3Large laceration with heavy bacterial contamination, extensive soft tissue damage, fragment associated with arterial and neural injury
Grade 4Incomplete or complete amputation with variation prognosis based upon location and nature of the injury
Open fractures

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