April 11, 2024

Stress is a complex set of physical, and psychological reactions that occur as one response to a demanding and threatening situation.

Types of Stressor

  • Internal

Originates inside a person eg. Fever, Menopause, Pregnancy, etc

  • External

Originates outside person, like environmental change, Change in family roles


Other types

  1. Physical Stressor (Results from internal physical symptoms)
  2. Psychological Stressor (Time pressors or unrealistic expectations)
  3. Financial Stressor (When people have to decrease supply increased demands)
  4. Spiritual Stressor (When basic spiritual values are called into question)
  5. Social Stressor (Interpersonal relationship/ Social relationship)

Body’s Response to Stress


  • The Local Adaptation Syndrome
  • The General Adaptation Syndrome (3 stages)
    • Alarm Reaction
    • Stage of Resistance
    • Stage of exhaustion


  • Task-Oriented Behavior
    • Attack behavior
    • Withdrawal behavior
    • Compromise behavior
  • Ego-defense mechanism
    • Compensation
    • Conversion
    • Denial
    • Displacement
    • Identification
    • Regression

Stress Management techniques

  • Individual Strategies
  • Organizational Strategies

Individual Strategies

  1. Physical exercises
  2. Behavioral self-control
  3. Networking
  4. Counseling
  5. Yogas and meditations

Organization Strategies

mnemonics: C: APPI
  1. Clear and Open Communications
  2. Accountability
  3. Positive workplace culture
  4. Prevention programs
  5. Intentional job design

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