June 20, 2024

Problem Solving Techniques have been described below and categorized into the following seven steps.

1. Identify the Problem

2. Analyze the problem

Analyze at what stage is the problem.

It is divided into three stages

a. Emergent Stage

The problem is just beginning to happen

Does not cause an immediate threat to business

b. Mature Stage

The problem is causing more than just minor damage

c. Crisis Stage

The problem is so serious, it must be corrected immediately

3. Describe the Problem

Describe the problem by writing it or noting it

4. Look for Root Causes

Asking and answering a lot of questions

What caused this problem?

Who is responsible for this?

Can we solve this for good so that it will never occur again?

Problem Solving Techniques

5. Develop an alternate Solution

Develop a list of alternative solutions and you and your team will access which one is best for the particular problem

6. Implement the Solution

Creating implement plan

Implement means everyone in the team knows and understands their part in making the solution

7. Measure the results

Make sure and track the result

Problem Solving Techniques

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