June 20, 2024

The Constitution of Nepal has established basic health as a fundamental health right of a citizen.

This National Health policy, 2019 has been formulated on the basis of the lists of exclusive and concurrent powers and functions of federal, state, and local levels as per the constitution; the policies and programs of the Government of Nepal; the international commitments made by Nepal at different times; and the problems, challenges, available resources and evidence in the health sector.

National health policy


Healthy, alert, and conscious citizens oriented to a happy life.


To ensure fundamental health rights of citizens through optimum and effective use of resources, collaboration, and participation.


To develop and expand a health system for all citizens in the federal structure based on social justice and good governance and ensure access to and utilization of quality health services.


  • To create opportunities for all citizens to use their constitutional rights to health.
  • To develop, expand and improve all types of health systems as per the federal structure.
  • To improve the quality of health services delivered by health institutions of all levels and to ensure easy access to those services.
  • To strengthen social health protection system by integrating the most marginalised sections.
  • To promote multi-sectoral partnership and collaboration between governmental, non-governmental and private sectors and to promote community involvement, and
  • To transform the health sector from profit-orientation to service-orientation.

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