May 30, 2024

Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward achieving goals- Stephen Robbins

It is ‘The Heart of Management

Principles of Leadership

mnemonics: MAD-F-PRInCiPlE
  1. Prepare for change
  2. Be Prompt
  3. Positive Approach
  4. Promises
  5. Reasonable Expectation
  6. Show Interest
  7. Complaints
  8. Compliments
  9. Explain Why
  10. Get the Facts
  11. Admit Mistakes
  12. Design an Approach
  13. Discussion Basis

Function of Leadership

mnemonics: 2 GO ISC For CR to DEVelop
  1. Determination of Goals
  2. Proper guidance
  3. Inspiration to employee
  4. Social justice and morality promote
  5. Achieving Co-ordination
  6. Facilitating change
  7. Organization of activities
  8. Representation of employee
  9. Collective Identity
  10. Develop and Empower people

Types of Leadership

A. Directive (Autocratic)

  • The leader makes the most decision for the group
  • Unilateral decision with/without asking for suggestions from other


  • High productivity
  • Discipline
  • Completion of job within the time
  • Quick decision
  • Provides strong motivation ad rewards to the leader


  • No morale of group member
  • Increase dependency on the leader
  • People work with fear
  • Suppress the creativity of members
  • Low team spirit

Creative (Democratic)

Leader share decision-making ability with group members by promoting the interest of group members


  • Sense of ownership
  • Increase group members’ capabilities to make decision
  • Motivates employees (by giving them recognition)
  • Increase productivity as they are involved themselves in decision
  • Increase employee satisfaction and group Co-operation


  • Delays productivity
  • Undisciplined
  • May bring conflict in an organization
  • Leaders might get threatened/ might change leader
  • Decision-making might be time consuming


All the rights and power are fully given to make decisions to workers

Leader handover their tasks to followers, while providing low or little directions to followers


  • Freedom to work innovation in work
  • Promote team spirit
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • This can result in much creativity and productivity
  • Sense of achievement


  • Conflict arises due to a lack of cooperation and coordination
  • A leader does not have power over members
  • Low productivity
  • This may lead to instability disorganization, inefficiency and no unity of actions
  • Team spirit may suffer if some group members are uncooperative

Qualities of a Leader

mnemonics: Guide Loyal SIDDANT For KMC
  1. Guiding Ability
  2. Loyalty to institution
  3. Self-Confidence
  4. Intelligent/ Innovative
  5. Decision making
  6. Diplomatic
  7. Adaptive
  8. Non-Bias
  9. Tactful
  10. Flexible
  11. Knowledgable
  12. Motivating
  13. Proper communication skill

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