May 30, 2024

Floating Knee is the traumatic ipsilateral fracture of both the femur and tibia where the knee is disconnected from the rest of the limb.


Floating knee classifications
Floating knee classifications

Management of Floating Knee

Mostly due to high-energy trauma so Begins with ALTS

Hemodynamic stability is the most

DCO: Done with the external fixator

See Also: Damage control orthopedics (DCO)

Definitive treatment

Femoral nailing is performed 1st while the tibia with stabilized with the external fixator

If the tibia is stabilized 1st, the movement and deformation of the femur during surgery would cause greater damage to soft tissue and increase the risk of the patient’s general condition : Increase the risk of fat embolism

Epiphyseal fractures: Treated with plates and screws