May 30, 2024

Femoral Neck Stress Fracture is classified according to Fullerton (1988) as

Fullerton and Snowdy (1988)

Femoral Neck Stress fracture classification
Fullerton and Snowdy classification
TypeFracture TypeIncomplete (< 50% femoral neck width) (Management)Complete (> 50% femoral neck width) (Management)
Type ITensionSurgical fixation: DHSSurgical fixation: DHS
Type IICompressionConservative (Unless significant pain or unable SLR)Surgical fixation (Cannulated Hip screw or DHS)
Type IIIDisplacedImmediate Reduction and Surgical Fixation (DHS +/_ derotational screw)
Type IVAtypical TensionConservativeSurgical Fixation (DHS)