June 20, 2024

Blood supply of the talus is mainly from three major arteries and their branches which is of clinical significance as disruption of this blood supply will lead to avascular necrosis of the talus.

Anatomy of talus

Artery Blood Supply

  1. Posterior Tibial Artery and its branches
  2. Anterior Tibial Artery and its branches
  3. Peroneal Artery and its branches
Blood Supply of talus

Posterior Tibial Artery and branches

Calcaneal branches and the Artery to the tarsal canal are two major branches of the posterior tibial artery which supplies to the talus.

Calcaneal branches

Calcaneal branches and Lateral branches of the peroneal artery form a network over the posterior tubercle of the talus

Artery to the tarsal canal

Enters Tarsal canal

Supplies the body of the talus

Before entering the tarsal canal it gives 2 branches

  1. Talotibial branches
  2. Talocalcaneal branches

Both supply the medial periosteal surface of the talus

Anastomosis with dorsalis pedis at the neck of the talus

Arteries in Tarsal Canal

  • Formed by sulcus of talus and calcaneum
  • Extends posteromedially to anterolateral
  • Opens into the tarsal sinus
  • Contains: Interosseous talocalcaneal ligament and artery to the tarsal canal

Anterior tibial Artery and its branches

The anterior tibial Artery gives branches to

  • Medial tarsal artery
  • Anterior medial malleolar artery (Supplies to the superior surface of the Neck of the talus)
  • Lateral Tarsal artery

Lateral tarsal artery and perforating peroneal artery anastomosis at artery to tarsal sinus which gives few branches to the head of talus=> which enters into the tarsal canal and gives branches to the body

It is anastomosis with the artery to the tarsal canal

Peroneal Artery and its branches

Small branches join with the posterior tibial artery and form the plexus of the posterior tubercle

Perforating peroneal arteries + Branches of dorsalis pedis(lateral tarsal artery) => Forms plexus to the tarsal sinus

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